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Vulture Pvp Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Marcus, Dec 3, 2019 at 4:22 PM.

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  1. Marcus

    Marcus Administrator
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    Nov 11, 2019
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    General server rules

    • Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players
    • No harassment or excessive trolling
    • No bigotry / hate speech including but not limited to ethnicity , age , gender , sexual orientation , nationality and religion
    • No public accusations of rule breaking or discussion of bans [ To report rule violations , make a /helpop in game or contact a member of staff who will be happy to assist you
    • No offensive or inappropriate names , construction , or skins
    • No impersonating another player or member of the staff team [ This includes both claiming to be another person or staff member , or changing your name to a way that could be mistaken for another user ]
    • Absolutely no loopholing of any rules
    • No staff disrespect , their decision is final . ALWAYS [ This includes calling them bad at their job , insulting there decisions etc etc ]

    Respecting the server

    • No hacking , cheating or exploiting bugs to give you an unfair advantage
    • Any use of x ray / ore detection will result in an immediate ban and rollback of edits
    • Absolutely no spam is allowed [ Spam including repeated volume of text , sentences , caps , characters in a sentence ]
    • No advertising non Vulture PvP servers [ This included saying there names or ip ]
    • Unfinished builds that are deemed ‘abandoned’ and are negatively affecting other builds and / or the general area may be removed at an admins discretion


    • If banned , no evading the ban - request an unban at *****
    • A minimum of 2 weeks will be added to the original ban length for every account used to evade a ban on any of our servers
    • Any accounts used to evade a ban will be banned permanently
    • Staff reserve the right to extend or reduce a bans length depending on circumstances
    • Only appealed bans will be lifted . Period
    • Unbanning of alt accounts will be done by an administrator of higher [ If forgotten don't be afraid to mention it to the staff member who banned you once your time is up ]
    • At the discretion of an admin+ alternate accounts could remained banned if we believe that the person appealing isn't the actual owner


    Staff :

    All staff on our servers are volunteers , they give time out of there day to make the server a better place , in return we expect you to treat them with the height of respect . The staff team consists of a group of overseers who monitor and mentor Administrators who in return mentor a group of mods and helpers who generally do a lot more than you think on the server to help you , the player ! All staff are tasked with certain responsibilities to generally assist other users and guests with questions , gameplay issues , problems .

    Alts :

    Alts are allowed to some extent on Vulture PvP . You can have a maximum of 5 alts per IP . This is to allow space for new players , to reduce lag , and to reduce the stress on the cpu . If you are banned you may not use an alt to come onto the server and play . This is ban evading which results in a ban/ban extension of a minimum of 2 weeks .

    Mute Evading :

    Sometimes our mute plugin can bug and allow you to use faction chat or private messages . In the case that his happens please report it immediately to a member of staff . You may not use this bug to talk to anyone , period . If you are caught doing this your mute will be extended by a minimum of 5 hours .

  2. Marcus

    Marcus Administrator
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    Nov 11, 2019
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    Faction rules : 1

    • Maximum chunk buffer from your main base wall is 25 chunks in each direction
    • Redstone check walls/boxes are allowed [ You may not afk redstone check boxes ]
    • Watering spawners is not allowed or using blocks to cover to
    • Base can be a maximum of 10 x 10 chunks big , meaning each side can be 10 chunks long or wide . This does not count for empty space . All space must be utilized to be considered apart of the base , if all the parts are not utilized it will be counted as wall buffers
    • Unraidable defenses will not be allowed in any circumstances

    Cannon Rules

    • Only 1 cannon per faction raid will be permitted , you are not allowed to use two cannons simultaneously raid a faction or base . You must destroy your previous cannon to use the second one
    • Using any type of cannon/server exploit will not be allowed in any form will result in a permanent ban and / or a faction disband without hesitation [ This includes but not limited to shooting past world border , instant tnt block removal - any questions relating to such manner please ask an admin+ ]
    • Wall removers are not permitted
    • Reverse nukers are allowed
    • Left/Right shooting is not permitted
    • Roof shooting is not allowed [ This does not include roofs below Y=255 ]
    • You cannon can have a maximum of 5 defensive walls
    • Raid claims must not be bigger than a 5x5 chunk area , and must be utilized [ Cannons with non utilized areas of their claims can be removed at an admins discretion ]
    • You are allowed to claim your barrel / gider
    • Cannons are not permitted to shoot faster than 3 seconds per shot
    • Cannons cannot destroy more then 1 wall per shot
    • Any cannon that lags the server or drops the TPS may be removed at an admins discretion if the faction does not comply with the admins orders [ If you did not realise your cannon had those capabilities support will be given after it has been tested ]
    • One faction may raid an opposing faction at a time .
    • First faction to get through the opposing factions walls claims the raid
    • All auto’s are blacklisted
    • No levers are allowed on the cannons .

    Faction rules : 2
    • Insiding of any form is not allowed [ A rollback of the victim faction will be done if damage is done ]
    • TnT detectors , or any other form to alert you that you are being raided will not be allowed and will result in an instant disbansion of your faction [ This does not include redstone checkers ]
    • Faction merging last 2 weeks of a season or reset will not be permitted
    • Mining spawners is prohibited after one wall has been breached by a proper cannon . If the walls have not been breached within 15 mins your faction is allowed to mine
    • Your faction can receive strikes for various rule infringements or other reasons . After 2 faction strikes your faction will be disbanded with no hesitation
    Disclaimer : Majority of rules infringements will result in a warn , kick , mute and / or ban depending on circumstances . If the staff have known you've been purposely causing trouble or your unnecessarily toxic these steps may be skipped and / or you may get a lengthened punishment compared to other players !
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