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Faction Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by KermitEatsCats, Jul 31, 2019.

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    VulturePVP | Factions Rules
    Note: All rules are subject to change without notice
    Base Rules
    • Maximum chunk buffer from main base wall is 25 chunks (336 Blocks) each direction
    • Redstone check walls/boxes are allowed
    • Watering spawners is not allowed
    • Base has can be a maximum of 10 x 10 chunks big, meaning each side can be 10 chunks long. This does not count for empty space. All space must be utilize to be considered part of the base, or will be counted towards wall buffers.
    • Unraidable defenses will not be allowed, any form of defense that allows the base to be unraidabe will not be allowed.
    • Fly patching is allowed
    Cannon Rules
    • Only 20 stacker automatic cannon and below will be allowed, this means a 1 stacker automatic cannon will be allowed to be used, but not a 100 stacker automatic cannon.
    • Only 1 cannon per faction raid will be permitted, you are not allowed to use two cannons simultaneously to raid a faction, You must destroy/disassemble your previous cannon to use a new one.
    • Using any type of cannon/server exploit will not be allowed, and can result in a permanent ban or faction disband, this includes but not limited to shooting past world border, for any questions ask a admin or higher.
    • Wall removers are not permitted
    • Reverse nuker are allowed
    • Left/Right shooting will not be allowed, and will be disabled.
    • Roof Shooting will not be allowed, and will be disabled, this does not include if the roof is below Y=250
    • Your cannon box can have a maximum of 5 defense walls
    • Raid claims must not be bigger than 5 x 5 chunks, and have to be utilized or otherwise will be unclaimed for the next faction (If not utilized be may remove without warning)
    • Cannons are not permitted to shoot faster than 3 seconds per shot
    • Cannons can not destroy more than 1 wall per shot.
    Faction Rules
    • Insiding is not allowed, caught doing so will result in a ban, and rollback for affect players/factions.
    • TNT detectors, or any other from to alert you that you are being raided will not be allowed, and will result in ban, and or faction disband (this does not include redstone check boxes, but you may not AFK redstone check boxes)
    • You are not permitted to make multiple factions, to claim multiple FTop prizes
    • Faction merging last week before server reset will not be permitted.

    Breaking any of these rules can result in any harsh punishment, as listed above or whatever deem fit for the situation. For any additional questions contact a admin or higher.

    Effective as of November 6, 2019

    Edited by Marcus - 17th of November

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